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Rehabilitation with vigorous cars (Easy-Walker)


1.  Easy-Walker aids recovery activities designed in order to lose the ability to act.
Training health care workers walk to be able to confirm the patient's correct walking posture, rehabilitation the walker commission not only a variety of excellent functions and easy to operate, but also extend not only standing time training, and improve circulation function effect, and thus stimulate to improve the awareness of the patient's confidence and training.
Easy-Walker not only provides orthopedic rehabilitation with allows more people in need flexibility in the use of.

2.  This product can easily adjust the cushion height allows users to easily stand up from the lowest height position.

3.  Prevention of falls in patients considerate design, Easy-Walker has a rugged construction and can stabilize the position of the wheels. Patients peace of mind to operate independently. Therefore, healthcare professionals do not have to always stay in the patient's side, and can be observed within a short distance of the operating situation of the patients, in order to do a proper guidance to make rehabilitation more efficient.



1.  Body steel powder coating.

2.  The cushion inner fire high-density foam, the outer layer of artificial breathable leather.

3.  NBR shock dust proof one piece.

4.  Shock absorbers made ​​of high strength spring.

5.  Seat height can be raised from 75cm to 100cm.

6.  The front wheels 8 "hard tire, rear wheel 6" pneumatic tires.



1.  Attached to three high-strength spring, yellow spring about a mere weight of 40 to 60kg, the blue spring can load about 60 to 80kg, red spring can load about 80 to 100kg.

2.  The user reference height 130cm to 18cm.

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