Stainless Widened wheelchair scales (slope board foldable type)

Brand: FW-080



1.   Overall is made of stainless steel.

2.   Weighing 300 kg, a sensitivity of 50 grams.

3.   Scales using the latest digital scales, older analog scales.

4.   The display uses LCD display, LED backlight, ultra-low power consumption, long life.

5.   Widened weighing platform size 80 cm long x 80 cm wide x 10 cm high.

6.   Total length of 120 cm in size.

7.   Slope board using foldable type to facilitate the admission, up to close the the slopes board when not in use, to be used to put to use down the ramp plate will free nurses bruises.

8.   Wheelchair onto the slopes, slopes floor, wheelchair positioning ramp automatically 1 cm from the ground, in order to ensure accurate weight.

9.   Ramp size 76 cm wide.

10. Wheelchair scales dimensions according to customers need customized.