Electric lie-flat bed scales

Brand: FW-9168SL



1.   Host 1 units.

2.   Lie-flat sling group.

3.   Lie-flat stainless steel sling with a glove box.

4.   A controller with pockets.

5.   Stainless steel four-point bed hook 1 group.

6.   Base 38.1x63.5mm flat tube surface electrostatic powder coating.

7.   Electric cylinder with emergency lowering function Electronic decreased function or use the the mechanical buttons decline function simply push the button up can make slowly decline in electric cylinder can be used down mode of operation for the mechanical and electronic non-use manual rocker-style operation.

8.   U type base two-stage adjustable width modulated width from 55cm to 92cm (± 5%).

9.   Highly increased from a minimum 10cm to 130cm (± 5%).

10. Battery charger screen has a low battery warning lamp and low battery alert tone.

11. Battery charger screen lights display, can display the remaining battery stock, to remind the power is low or when the low battery need to be recharged.

12. Maximum load weight 210KG (± 10KG).

13. Cable elevator controller 1 group.

14. Electric cylinder charging cable group.

15. 12V dry batteries 2 2.7AH capacitance.

16. Front wheels activities wheel, rear-wheel 4 "brake wheel.




1.  Scales display digital LCD display panel.

2.  15 seconds with automatic power off device.

3.  With function of withholding weight, as long as the scales boot can be used immediately, do not need and then subtracting the weight of the sling operation more convenient.

4.  Scales have to shake the monitoring function, use not weigh shaking patients affected results. Scales power supply with DC, without the installation of the battery can be inconvenient to avoid replacing the battery.